To apply, please email or fill out the form on our “Find a Mentor” tab.  Once we receive your information, we will email you back with an invitation or with further questions.  Once you have been accepted, we will send you a link to pay our $250 fee and an invitation into the system.

1) Create profile

2) Choose your mentor

3) Have a first meeting
(live or video)

4) Decide if you are the right match/fit

5) Learn

The C-Sweetener program features a combination of services that:

  • Profile female entrepreneurs who join the program and help them identify the kinds of support they need
  • Profile experienced mentors interested in providing guidance to emerging and aspiring women C-Suite members
  • Use matching technology to ensure ideal member/mentor pairings are made
  • Provide opportunities for short-term engagement between entrepreneur members and mentors to test compatibility
  • Allow for longer term mentorship pairings when the match is well made and both parties agree that the relationship will have mutual value
  • Offer scheduling and video conferencing services that make meetings easy to schedule and remove geographical barriers of geography from matching
  • Provide methods for receiving feedback and a resource library of educational and practical materials to create a richer experience for all involved.
  • Build community among mentors that amplifies the value of giving back