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Are you or have you been a successful healthcare executive, entrepreneur, venture capitalist or business or scientific leader? Are you willing to spend a minimum of one hour per month helping others? If so, please join our growing mentor community!

By becoming a C-Sweetener mentor you will help to advance the trajectory of success for the next generation of women executives and meet like-minded individuals for your own networking. By giving your time, you expand opportunity for others and for yourself.

You'LL Receive

  • Clear way to give back and channel constant demand for mentorship

  • Method of vetting and finding a good match with little effort

  • Support in structuring meetings, ensuring mentee shows up prepared - sessions are conducted via video conference or phone.

  • Tools to support mentoring activities

  • Social community of other senior women and men leaders

How it works

  • Simple application and no fee

  • Populate profile regarding skills and personality traits

  • Get matched through algorithm

  • Agree to match or decline match

  • If match accepted, agree to engagement method and times

  • Multiple mentees allowed; at least 1 hour/month expected – capped so you are not inundated ( 1 session = 30 minutes; more at your discretion)

  • Engage in mentor social community as desired - mentors may book sessions with other mentors so you can grow and expand your own networks.

“I firmly believe that we need more women entrepreneurs and especially in healthcare. An outsized percent of venture backed companies are founded and led by high ego, take the hill men and backed by equally Y dominant venture groups. Much of healthcare is about understanding and serving the subtler, empathetic needs of humanity, and testosterone driven ambition may miss some of those finer points. Having more women run startups will bring a more diverse and possibly compelling group of alternative solutions to solving our global healthcare needs.”
— Ned Scheetz | Managing Director | Aphelion Capital
“My CSweetener mentee is really impressive and has bootstrapped her company into 8MM in revenue, First-time entrepreneur, deep science background - from all of our meetings, a poster child & proof of amazing female leadership and entrepreneurship. 

[Today] and it’s her story to tell - she had a really great “next step” outcome. She’s interesting, deeper science (universal cells, which is super cool) not just the same-old-same-old. Add to that her outcomes and keen domain experience, and it’s been a lot of fun.”
— Geoff Clapp
“I have had two sessions so far and they have been incredibly helpful. The first session I had with a wonderful mentor, we talked about negotiation skills; she advised me a way to accelerate my career and continue to grow my skill set. She advised me on various leadership skills that will be helpful to me as well. She also provided me with a number of great reading materials and resources that enhanced my forward thinking in my career. She suggested that I start building a personal brand which I haven’t done yet. She advised me to speak to another Mentor on branding. So, I had a session with that Mentor. It was nice to dive deep. To hear her opinions on how I could brand myself and how it would be most impactful. Definitely, was able to fill some knowledge gaps that I had.”
— CS Mentee