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CSWEETENER.ORG EXECUTIVE WOMEN’S MENTORING NETWORK LAUNCHES WITH THE AIM TO EVOLVE THE HEALTHCARE C-SUITE SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 7, 2017 / / -- CSweetener.org launched its mentoring network this week, with the goal of pairing women leaders in or nearing the c-suite with top industry female and male mentors, in an effort to make women more successful as c-suite leaders.  While the healthcare industry recognizes the importance of diversity and female contribution, it lags behind other industries in terms of promoting diversity and female leadership among its ranks.

“The numbers are telling: Only 34 percent of executives at the top 100 hospitals are female, and only 6 percent of CEOs funded at venture-backed healthcare companies are women.  Fewer than 10 percent of healthcare venture partners are women,” points out Lisa Suennen, co-founder of CSweetener and Managing Director of GE Healthcare Corporate Ventures.  “It is well known that an effective, experienced mentor can make a difference in the sustainable success of executives. CSweetener is committed to finding and connecting great mentors with tomorrow’s female leaders, to advance diversity across the board in healthcare in operations, finance, clinical and scientific roles.”

CSweetener has been highly anticipated by healthcare executives looking for an easier way to meet, engage and help one another succeed. “CSweetener has already been met with exceptionally positive feedback,” says Lisa Serwin, co-Founder and Executive Director.  “We have a remarkably high quality set of mentors who have strong executive experience and wish to give back with their time and advice.   Dozens of qualified mentees have enrolled and are beginning to match with mentors.  There is a hunger among experienced executives and entrepreneurs eager to engage in mentoring relationships to help advance the next generation of female leaders and we are gratified at the response.”

CSweetener’s software technology allows mentors and mentees to be matched according to interest areas, professional skills and personality attributes.  Mentees, all of whom are women in close proximity to the C-Suite or equivalent roles, can select from mentors with whom they are matched by the system.  Mentors are both women and men, as both genders are vitally important in advancing the role of women in senior leadership positions.  CSweetener is intended to remove the friction from the current, largely random, system of identifying mentors, particularly for entrepreneurs outside large organizations.  The match-finder and integrated video conferencing feature means limits on geography are removed.  Through CSweetener, tomorrow’s female leaders have access to highly experienced mentors, who are generally otherwise unavailable.

Furthermore, CSweetener offers mentees from larger corporations who prefer privacy not generally afforded within their own large company-sponsored mentoring programs.

Mentees pay a nominal annual fee to participate and there is no cost to mentors.  CSweetener had its initial launch in the San Francisco Bay Area and has plans to spread across the country as adoption grows.

Darryl Robinson, Executive Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Dignity Health, offered his personal support and that of the organization because “positive mentor-mentee relationships promote personal and professional growth. The CSweetner philosophy aligns closely with Dignity Health’s values of collaboration and excellence.”

About CSweetener.org

Lisa Suennen and Lisa Serwin, both healthcare industry veterans, founded CSweetener after observing that female entrepreneurs are eager for mentorship and support from those with experience and success in the healthcare market.  An outgrowth of Suennen’s Aspen Institute Health Innovation Fellowship project, CSweetener was founded in 2016 in order to advance the healthcare industry and help create a level playing field that will enable the best entrepreneurs, regardless of gender, to win. CSweetener has received the sponsorship and support of such leading healthcare companies as GE Ventures, Dignity Health, Welltok, 7Wire Ventures, Summation Ventures, Grand Rounds, Avia Health Innovation, MedTechWomen, Jiff, Abundant Venture Partners, Hopelab, Owned Outcomes, a grant from the California Healthcare Foundation and a variety of angel contributors. The company is headquartered in Mill Valley, California and is a 501c3.

For more information, visit www.csweetener.org or contact us.

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