Proving the ROI of Global Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

Just the Facts:

Cold, hard data is hard to ignore. No matter where in the world, when you can credibly show a business leader that current conditions are not going to take them where they need to go, you create in that leader a partner to drive change. Measurements enable you to create accountability and establish a baseline by which success or opportunities for improvement can be quanti ed. They also give you the ability to potentially quantify the value to be derived from diversity and inclusion as you raise the visibility of changing demographic issues and create links between them and overall business performance.

Stock Performance:

Greater diversity leads to nancial growth. When individuals are valued and empowered to be their best selves, tangible results can be seen in the bottom line. In a study of 506 U.S.-based businesses, each 1 percent increase in the rate of gender diversity resulted in an approximately 3 percent increase in sales revenues, up to the rate represented in the relevant population.10 Top-listed European companies with gender diversity in management achieved higher than average stock performance—64 percent versus 47 percent.11.

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