If you are a woman new to the C-Suite or rapidly on your way there, and feel you could benefit from short- or long-term mentorship, we want to hear from you.  It's as easy as:


Step 1: Apply

Please use the contact form below to send us an email with a bit about yourself and/or your LinkedIn profile.  We will let you know once you have been accepted. 


Step 2: donate

After acceptance, we ask for a $500 tax-tax-deductible fee to help us run CSweetener so that you and women like you have access to all of these wonderful people. The fee is for 12 credits (1 credit = 1 session), which expire at the rate of 1 per month so that you have one year to use them all.


Step 3: Sign IN And immediately Find a mentor

Our algorithm lists your mentors in the order of who we believe will be a good match for you.  Our matches are based on your and the mentors answers to sign-up questions. However, you will have access to most of the mentors in our system in case you don’t agree with our recommendations or if there is just someone you have always wanted to meet. Sessions are conducted via video conference or phone. 


  • Clear, singular place for women to seek support from mentors in healthcare leadership roles;

  • Access to vetted network with broad skill set, both male and female;

  • Access to wide variety of mentor backgrounds;

  • Better matching to ensure relationship is productive for all;

  • Privacy and confidentiality outside company walls; and

  • Access to one-time or ongoing support.

Over time, high potential women in the pipeline who have active mentors achieve 27% higher salary growth than women without current mentors.

Women with a mentor increased their odds by 56% over women without a mentor.”
— Catalyst Report

I’m a Series A CEO. I found a mentor who wound up on my Board of Directors and who assisted me to a successful financing.
— CS Mentee
I conceptualized and created a new European Venture Fund with advice and Advisors, including limited partners and legal support gained through mentors on the platform.
— CS Mentee
I’m a VP at a large organization. I used the platform to collect the data I needed to successfully negotiate a better salary and equity package than I would have otherwise.
— CS Mentee
I wasn’t getting traction. I used a male mentor on the platform to help me practice and to “dude up” my pitch. Happy ending: I’m funded.
— CS Mentee

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“My mentee did appropriate research before our first call, which was about a year ago when she was at an interesting inflection point in her career. She articulated her story quickly and concisely. I provided her counsel and connected her to two others.  The job of a Mentor is.…to provide appropriate advice and help someone build out their professional network. She is now a VP and Head of a department.” 
— CS Mentor