Get Involved

In addition to becoming a mentor or mentee, there are other ways to help us advance women in healthcare:

1.     Help publicize CSweeetener via social media. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.  Tweet about your experience. Re-tweet and “like” articles we post.

2.     Become a recruiter. Break out your Rolodex and suggest mentors and mentees.  We will reach out to them.

3.     Be the change.  Are you in a position to affect hiring?  Make sure your company is interviewing diverse candidates for all senior (and Board) positions.

4.     Make your next job count.  If you don't already have one, make sure your next position gives you a seat at the table.  

5.    If you haven't already,  join a Board.

6.     Become a spokesperson (or ask us). Help us get the word out in your neck of the woods. We are available to speak about mentorship, diversity, etc. or you can speak for us.  If you see an all male panel, call us – we will assist the organizers by recommending women speakers. 

7. Become a speaker.