A multidisciplinary meta-analysis comparing mentored and non-mentored individuals found that mentoring is associated with a wide range of favorable behavioral, attitudinal, health-related, relational, motivational, and career outcomes. 
— Eby LT, Allen TD, Evans SC, Ng T, DuBois D. Does Mentoring Matter? A Multidisciplinary Meta-Analysis Comparing Mentored and Non-Mentored Individuals. Journal of vocational behavior.

Fact: diversity = Cold Hard Cash

Cold, hard cash: Companies with greater diversity have better business results and lower rates of sexual harassment. And at a time when, as one VC puts it, an act of "unacceptable behavior" can "blow up" a whole firm, there's serious money on the line.

Fact: Diversity drives revenue growth:

Fact: Mentoring has a positive impact on mentors, mentees, and the bottom line. 

Fact: Women make a team smarter

  • There’s little correlation between a group’s collective intelligence and the IQs of its individual members. But if a group includes more women, its collective intelligence rises.

Fact: Healthcare is an industry that is behind

  • Recent research by Corbette Doyle, Ph.D.,: the proportion of women working in Healthcare is 50% higher than the average industry, suggesting women may be struggling to rise even more in Healthcare on a proportional basis. 
    • <6% of women are Fortune 500 Healthcare CEOS

    • Fewer than 18% of startups have women on the founding teams. By the time companies reach their Series B funding round, the number of women in the C-Suite has dropped to 12%

That women make more than 85% of healthcare decisions is well documented. Women also control most health spending and make the vast majority of health related purchases. Despite this, men found and run most healthcare businesses, and healthcare products often miss the mark, poorly serving customers and healthcare.
— Lisa Suennen, CSweetener Founder