About Us

C-Sweetener is a not-for profit organization dedicated to helping women benefit from mentorship to become the best leaders they can be. The program was inspired by an opportunity that the Aspen Institute’s Health Innovators Fellowship provided to our co-founder, Lisa Suennen, an experienced healthcare entrepreneur, long-time venture capitalist, and a Fellow of the inaugural class of the Health Innovators Fellowship.  Suennen has used her Aspen Fellowship opportunity to found C-Sweetener in order to advance the healthcare field for all concerned and help create a level playing field that will enable the best entrepreneurs, regardless of gender to win.

Co-founder Lisa Serwin, a long time crusader for healthcare access and a successful health care entrepreneur has joined in this endeavor. Serwin has firsthand experience with the challenges of entering the C-Suite. Lisa has held CEO as well as other C-Suite positions, including CFO and COO.

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Lisa Suennen - founder

On average, Lisa receives 5-10 requests a week for guidance and mentorship from female executives and she has dedicated many hours over her career to informal mentoring support; she credits some of her success to excellent mentoring in her early career.

In addition to C-Sweetener, Lisa is Lead, Digital & Technology Group, Lead, Manatt Ventures and  Managing Partner of  Venture Valkyrie, LLC, a company that houses her Venture Valkyrie blog and the Tech Tonics podcast, among other things.

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Lisa SerwiN - founder

Lisa also actively guides entrepreneurs and companies and would not be where she is today without the guidance and support of her mentors.

With over two decades of experience with both start-ups and established organizations in the healthcare, consumer product and retail sectors; including for and not-for-profit Board experience, Lisa has been fortunate enough to touch most positions in the C-suite, from CFO to COO to CEO. Lisa was named one of the 20 women in finance you should add to your company’s board by Business Insider.

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Lisa Cristwell - bookkeeper & administative assistant

Lisa Cristwell is the 3rd and best Lisa on our team. Lisa is CSweetener's bookkeeper and Administrative Assistant extraordinaire.

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